Biennale Gherdëina 5, Ortisei (I)

22. 07. – 11. 09. 2016
Group Exhibition
from here to eternity

curated by Adam Budak

photo shed © Simon Perathoner










During the running time of the Biennale Gherdëina Kapfer installed a 4,3 m wide wooden facade (…). We are looking at a reconstruction of the cover shed on the ledge of Cengia Martini on the South side of the small Lagazuoi between Ortisei and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Technically it is the reconstruction of a reconstruction. The shed was destroyed and has been rebuilt on site for tourists seeking the traces of the war in the Alps. The title fo the work is Berge in Flammen (eng: Mountains on Fire) after the book of Gardena-born Luis Trenker Berge in Weiterlesen


MCK Sokól, Nowy Sącz (PL)

27. 05. 2011 – 26. 06. 2011
Group Exhibition
Passion of an Ornithologist. On Myth making /
Pasja Ornitologa. Tworzenie Mitu
Curator: Adam Budak

Franz Kapfer, WITH GOD TO VICTORY! installation view Nowy Sącz












On Myth making outlines the primordial matrix of identity’s production where myth is understood as a „form of speech“, a semiological schema, a metalanguage, allowing to negotiate the borderlines of reality, a history, and a fiction in the uncanny journey through Weiterlesen

Regionale10, Schloss Trautenfels (A)

04. 06. – 31. 10. 2010
Gruppenausstellung / Group Exhibition
Der schaffende Mensch. Welten des Eigensinns /
Fabricators of the World. Scenarios of Self-will

Kurator: Adam Budak

Franz Kapfer, SIEH-DICH-FÜR, Installationsansicht Schloss Trautenfels







In his new project SIEH-DICH-FÜR, Franz Kapfer combines two super-ficially contrary threads. One brings together concepts such as fortification, autarchy, bulkheads against the outside world, etc. The other thread is the V2, the German “miracle weapon” that Weiterlesen