Biennale Gherdëina 5, Ortisei (I)

22. 07. – 11. 09. 2016
Group Exhibition
from here to eternity

curated by Adam Budak

photo shed © Simon Perathoner










During the running time of the Biennale Gherdëina Kapfer installed a 4,3 m wide wooden facade (…). We are looking at a reconstruction of the cover shed on the ledge of Cengia Martini on the South side of the small Lagazuoi between Ortisei and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Technically it is the reconstruction of a reconstruction. The shed was destroyed and has been rebuilt on site for tourists seeking the traces of the war in the Alps. The title fo the work is Berge in Flammen (eng: Mountains on Fire) after the book of Gardena-born Luis Trenker Berge in Weiterlesen


Depo, Jewish Bakery, Österreichisches Kulturforum, Istanbul (TK)

Depo, Istanbul (TK), 13. 09. – 13. 10. 2013
Jewish Bakery, Istanbul (TK), 13. 09. – 10. 11. 2013
Österreichisches Kulturforum, Istanbul (TK), 03. 10. – 10. 11. 2013
Group Exhibition
Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary
Curator: Karin Zimmer

Franz Kapfer, out of: Feldherrenhalle / Hall of Commanders







In Austria’s history there is no date with serious consequences that might make the national unconscious clearly visible. There is no magical entry in the calendar which would, as it were, push ahead the fate of the country in chronic attacks of fever. Instead of being subject to repetition compulsion, its history is deep-rooted in the Middle Ages and it flourishes in the Baroque period. Unlike its northern neighbour, Austria does not have a ninth November which could be used as a yardstick by which to compare the destiny of Weiterlesen

Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest (HU)

22. 03. 2013 – 30. 06. 2013
Group Exhibition
The Naked Man
Curators: Sabine Fellner, Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller and Stella Rollig
Co-curators: Kati Simon and Hedvig Turai

Franz Kapfer, Pressure on the Balls, Video








Franz Kapfer creates performances that are body-related — but in two senses: they are related to his own body and to the body of society. Both in the performances themselves and in their documentation, which is not merely a reproduction, but rather an independent medium, he acts out tensions which have an effect on the relationship between body and Weiterlesen

Lentos, Linz (A)

26. 10. 2012 – 17. 02. 2013
Der nackte Mann
Kuratorinnen: Sabine Fellner,  Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Stella Rollig

Franz Kapfer, BIG GYM - Römischer Sommer im Foro Italico







Das Foro Italico in Rom, Mussolinis Versuch, an eine als glorreich empfundene Ver-gangenheit anzuknüpfen, bildet Schauplatz und Ressource für Kapfers „BIG GYM – Römischer Sommer im Foro Italico“. Die Arbeit besteht aus zwei Elementen: einer Videodokumentation des Ortes und seines aktuellen Gebrauchs sowie einer Vielzahl kleinformatiger Ansichten des Künstlers in Athletenpose. Antiken Stand- Weiterlesen

Busan Biennale 2012, Busan (KOR)

22. 09. 2012 – 24. 11. 2012
Group Exhibition
배움의 정원 Garden of Learning
Curator: Roger M. Buergel

Franz Kapfer, Before the Law (3), installation view Busan Biennale










Kapfer’s commissioned work for Garden of Learning takes the North Korean dynasty as its subject. In a slightly abstracted form and with intentionally simple means, the artist recreates key elements from the monuments (including their particular iconography) which  Weiterlesen

MOCAB Beograd (SRB), MUAC Mexico City (MEX), FIC Guanajuato (MEX)

FIC Festival International Cervantino, Guanajuato (MEX), 03. 10. – 21. 10. 2012
MUAC Mexico City (MEX), 30. 06. – 02. 09. 2012
MOCAB Beograd (SRB), 19. 04. – 20. 05. 2012
Group Exhibition
Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary
Curator: Karin Zimmer

Franz Kapfer, Liebeserklärung








Angrily, the Master of Ceremonies of the soundless performance stomps off the scene. Vienna is supposed to catch fire, but so far it only smoulders. Instead of the gas burner he used before he now brings a can of flammable liquid to make the rather expressively fashioned model of the city go up in searing flames, only to be extinguished Weiterlesen